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18th January 2012

The Joy of An Ex - Jewish Family & Child Services: A Full Service Department Store

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Mom confirmed what she had suspected for months: Dad was having an affair with his 23- year- old secretary. With pursed lips and a voice to match, Mom marched over to Jake, age 6, and blurted out, "Your dad's moving ou...

05th January 2012

The Joy of An Ex - Challenges for Divorcing Couples 55 +

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Although the divorce rate among couples over the age of 50 is traditionally low, it has been steadily rising in the last l0 or so years, especially for those 50-59 years of age. The reduction of social stigma and the i...

16th November 2011

The Joy Of An Ex - The Benefits of Working With A Divorce Coach

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Ask almost anyone who has been divorced, and he/she would tell you it was a devastating process whether he/she initiated it or not. Some have called it crazy times, but no matter what you call it, people are emotionall...

26th May 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Communication Skills

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Keeping within the context of this resource, communication should be understood as being a dynamic process of interaction between two people sharing a marital-like relationship. The degree to which a couple has a found...

23rd May 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Parenting Plans From a Kid's Eye View

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Parents have been telling the kids to get along, play nicely, share and not speak badly of others, their entire lives. Then the parents announce their separation and the conflict, hostility and upset between them, perh...

03rd May 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Going through a divorce is difficult. Dreams, hopes and aspirations are lost or being abandoned, your former life has 'died', lives are turned upside down, self esteem is challenged, and childrens' emotions are in disar...

15th April 2011

The Joy of An Ex - What Is A Financial Divorce Specialist?

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler There are specialists in all professions, including those who work in the financial services industry. These individuals are trained to use their expertise and experience to respond to situations that general practitio...

13th April 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Co-Parenting After Divorce: Making It Work

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Some assumptions are made in this chapter: - The parents have developed a parenting plan for their child or children. - Each parent has adequate skills in parenting and has individual past experience caring for t...

04th April 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Four Emotional Stages of Divorce

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Do you want to thrive after divorce? If so, it is important you know and understand the four stages of divorce because when you understand them you improve your chances of reaching the final emotional stage of divorce:...

16th March 2011

The Joy of An Ex - Collaborative Practice

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Collaborative Practice is a positive choice for couples facing the transition of separation and divorce who wish to maintain respect for each other and as much dignity as possible throughout the process. The process ...