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03rd March 2011

Abstract Circles

This painting is the essence of an abstract piece. The canvas is spare and the artist chooses to focus on circles. These are simple shapes that give a feeling of movement and details that give the original artwork a grace of presentation. The circles here...

15th February 2011

Traditional Canvas Artists: A Slice of Real Art

Traditional canvas art is considered to be the only form of real art by many of the more conservative experts that are out there today. Although traditional art is starting to take a major back seat to modern canvas artists, with a particular emphasis on ...

15th February 2011

Canvas Artists: What to Look Out for in Modern Canvas Artists

We thankfully live in a world today that features freedoms that most of our ancestors never dreamt of having. Not only do we have free speech but we also have the ability to express ourselves in any way we see fit, providing that it does not hurt people o...

04th February 2011

Choose Innovative Wall Art Styles: Offset and Multiple Piece Canvases

The art world follows fashion just as much as any other area of life does to the point at which it is actually possible for a type of art to go out of fashion. However, some wall art styles are so innovative and unique that they continually offer individu...

09th December 2010

The Contemporary Wall Art Style

Everyone that is aware of movements in art will know that trends and styles seem to go in cycles. The vast majority of them come and go in less than a couple of years so that you are left with a painting that is highly unfashionable at worst or a piece of...

23rd November 2010

10 Things to Consider When Buying Canvas Artwork

Canvas artwork is a beautiful thing and is more accessible today than ever. It offers individuals a choice of what to have adorning their walls and can brighten up any room that you choose to hang it in. Readily available on the Internet, more people are ...

25th October 2010

Tips on how to Avoid Buying Poor Quality Canvas Art

There is nothing worse than buying something that you absolutely love on first sight and then getting it home to find out that it has a fault or is incredibly poor in terms of its quality. Poor quality canvas art has to be the worst of all when it comes t...

13th October 2010

Buying Canvas Artwork: Choosing the Right Type of Canvas

Did you know that there is no such thing as a generic canvas for art? The vast majority of people who cannot describe themselves as artists or art experts will not know this because canvas art is just that canvas art. It is not cotton canvas art or poly...

12th October 2010

Essential Tips for Buying Canvas Art Prints

Investing in canvas art is a fantastic hobby for millions of people around the world. It is also a great idea for those looking to brighten up a room because the walls look a little bare and need a little color. However, if you are planning on investing i...