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11th October 2010

How to screen a nanny professionally on your own?

Choosing a nanny or au pair for your children is a process that should be organized and performed carefully, to ensure you find someone who can be trusted, will contribute significantly to the development of your child and integrate well into your family....

11th October 2010

Nanny Personality and Risk Assessments - Benefits and Challenges

Nanny personality and risk assessments are psychological tests that help parents assess potential Nannies, Au Pairs or Babysitters. The tests provide a better insight into the caregiverís personality and traits, as well as an assessment of possible risk f...

11th October 2010

Choosing a Nanny, Au Pair or Babysitter - What Are We Missing?

Nanny personality and risk assessments can help parents learn more and choose better Selecting a caregiver for our children is a difficult task and the risks in making a wrong choice are intimidating. Most articles on this topic advise parents to inter...