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18th January 2011

Wedding Music FAQs

Wedding Music FAQs What type of music should I have for my wedding reception? You can select a song for the bridal party’s entrance into the reception venue. It could be something uplifting to get the party started! Or you could have a separate song f...

12th January 2011

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Live Wedding Jazz Band or DJ

So you’re getting married, and the plans for the wedding are beginning to fall into place. The date is set, the venue hired, now the steadily growing to-do list to be checked off gets longer by the day. It can be an overwhelming responsibility to plan a w...

10th January 2011

How to create a 'Roaring 1920s Jazz Age' themed wedding

Bride’s outfit: opt for a slinky satin dress with full length gloves and a Great Gatsby-esque hat or birdcage veil. Groom’s outfit: slim fit pin striped suits were all the rage back in the roaring 20’s and they’ve seem a recent return into the fashion s...

06th January 2011

How to DIY Your Wedding Reception Music with an iPod Playlist

A recent trend is for brides to avoid the costly expense of hiring a professional DJ and having an iPod playlist instead. This can save couples a significant amount of money and also means the music will truly reflect their taste. However brides need to u...

05th January 2011

Live Band versus Wedding DJ: Why Wedding Receptions Need Professional Musicians

Band versus DJ. We've all heard it before. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the pros and cons of hiring a live jazz band versus a DJ for your wedding reception. An argument commonly put forth by DJs is that they can provide a wider sel...

05th January 2011

Wedding Music Jazz: FAQs

Q - Can you help me choose a song for the father daughter dance at the reception? A - I feel that the right choice of song for the father daughter dance is one that has special significance for you and your dad. Here are some songs that are frequently ...

05th January 2011

Fun Musical Games & Activities for Your Wedding Reception

Music is as crucial to the success of a wedding as good food and drink are. Few people have a wedding without music, just imagine how dull and uninspired that would be! There are many decisions brides-to-be need to make and none are more crucial than thei...