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22nd February 2011

Explaining the CEA Antenna Codes

Consumers were once considered to be unaware about their antenna needs. With consumer's ability to use advanced technology and the Internet, consumers are better equipped to educate themselves. Consumers are no longer uninformed. Terrestrial informatio...

18th February 2011

How To Install A Satellite Dish

A satellite dish installation is not always for the do-it yourselfer, some may consider hiring a professional installer. Some satellite retailers offer Free installation for new subscriptions. For those who choose to install the satellite dish themselv...

15th November 2010

The Birdog Satellite Meter

The Birdog meter is one of the industryís most popular satellite finders. The Birdog Meter is used as an installation, signal peaking and troubleshooting device that can locate satellites in the atmosphere and target their signal to a receiving dish. Th...

15th November 2010

Don't Let Snow or Ice Ruin Your Satellite Signal

Do you cringe every time it rains or you see snow in the forecast? Are you tired of dropping signal because of snow or ice accumulating on your satellite dish? Most people donít realize there is an quick remedy for your signal loss problems, known as a ...