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11th November 2010

Two Artists Who Specialize in Bronze Women in Art

Images of women in art has been around since the beginning of time, well almost, since human figures were not used much in cave paintings. But many early civilizations depicted women in art, with the oldest piece ever found dating back to the Paleolithic ...

11th November 2010

Create Your Own Abstract Painting

Of all the art styles available to try, probably the easiest one to tackle is abstract art. I am not an artistic person, and if I tried to draw or paint an apple, you probably wouldn't know what it was without a couple of guesses. I am sure with some less...

11th November 2010

Emotion in Modern Art: Cause or Effect?

One might justifiably wonder about emotion and its relationship to modern art. It's a natural thing to consider, given that experiencing art often provokes an emotional response in the viewer. In fact, many people have felt, and feel, that the real purpos...

11th November 2010

How To Enjoy An Art Gallery

An art gallery may not be a place that many think of as an enjoyable destination for a night out or a date. However, these places really do have a lot to offer. Keep in mind that the atmosphere in galleries can change quite a bit, depending upon the locat...

11th November 2010

What Will You Find in a Fine Art Gallery?

When I think of a fine art gallery, I generally think of very expensive pieces of art on display in a place where you dress nice, be quiet, and do not touch. But what really is a fine art gallery? And what can be found in one? I think the first question t...