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17th December 2010

Glee First Season DVD Reviews - A Snapshot

Glee, the hit new TV show that first aired in 2009 on FOX, is a musical dramedy that takes us into the lives of a high school's re-invigorated Glee club. The club (who goes by the name The New Directions) is competiting in the local choir circuit and all ...

14th December 2010

Sick Of Feds, Attorneys, and Crime in Your TV Shows - Cheer Up With Glee

Glee, the hit musical / comedy series on FOX, is currently in its 2nd season (with a third already in the queue) and has found an untapped (or at least unsaturated) niche in the TV market. With TV show top ten lists for the past ten years littered with th...

06th December 2010

Can You Believe That When The Harry Potter Audiobooks Were Performed...

Many people know about the degree of detail that was put into the making of the Harry Potter books and motion pictures, but rather few people know what went into Dale's reading of the seven Harry Potter audiobooks. Did you realize that when Dale read t...

02nd December 2010

Season 2 Of The Wire - Omar At A Baltimore Court

SPOILER ALERT - We'll be talking about specific storyline details and occurrences from The Wire. Situation - During season 2 of The Wire, Omar agrees to go to court to testify against Bird who allegedly killed a state witness, Mr. Gant (well technicall...