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28th April 2011

Setting Up Concerts And The Heroes Who Work On Them

There are many ways to see a band but one of the most spectacular is to see them live in concerts. However, not many know what happens behind the scenes in order to put the show on in the first place.Beginning at around six in the morning, the crew arrive...

27th April 2011

Join In The New Years Eve Parties Around The World

It is a time to celebrate on December 31st. New Years Eve parties are occurring all around the world to commemorate a New Year. Firework displays will be lighting up the skies, noisemakers blast through the air and champagne toasts at midnight. Every diff...

07th February 2011

Parenting Little Kids Can be a Challenge

Sometimes it is a toss-up when deciding whose job is more challenging, being a kid or being a parent. Parenting little kids means different things to different parents but the one commonality among all parents is being a positive role model. Parents are t...

01st January 2011

Ideas for Potty Teaching

Potty training is a pretty critical milestone in a child's existence. It means they will quickly be shifting from the diaper stage to big little ones underwear. It is a different in a indication for dad and mom that their babies are growing up. As any par...