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29th August 2012

How to optimize your App on app store?

It is for all the developers who are ready with design and development of their great iphone app. We are considering that you have worked minutely on designing details of your application especially on the icon of app. �Now what�s next to make your ap...

15th March 2011

More to love -Less to worry -Switch to iphone

Iphone is the most of famous handheld gadget. It is regarded as a symbol of status because the person who is carrying this smartphone will be highly educated one and it also shows that the person is in the touch of latest technology. So, in short we can s...

11th March 2011

Android A Boom for Mobile Platform

Most of the smart phones have Android Programming operating system and platform.Android platform has made Android mobile application development very easy. This not only adds features to the smart phone but enhances the utility of Android as well. The An...

01st March 2011

Exclusion of Mobile liability-“911 Communications”

Today everyone wants to stay connected with latest Mobile application development technology.If you own a smartphone “911 Communication” is the must have iPhone application! This app is an emergency caller for the USA, Canada and some other countries to...