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20th January 2011

What Divorce Can Do To Your Lives

It is not an uncommon occurrence in Florida for women to initiate divorce. Divorce is probably the first thing that comes to their minds whenever they feel unhappy with their marriage. Divorce is acknowledged in the country as there are different state la...

20th January 2011

Getting Things Straight Between Legal Separation and Divorce

There are many reasons why couples want to end their relationship as husbands and wives. After swearing that they will live together through thick and thin, couples find that their love is not enough to balance their differences. This is where the idea of...

20th January 2011

Tips On Getting A Divorce in Jacksonville, FL

Divorce is legally defined as the dissolution of marriage and the ending of all legal ties and responsibilities between the parties who’ve shared the bonds of matrimony. The ultimate goal of a divorce is to free both the husband and wife into being able t...

15th December 2010

Common Divorce Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Divorce is the termination of a marriage due to several reasons that are considered valid by law. Divorce completely terminates the marriage unlike legal separation where the spouses can live separately but their marriage still exists. Annulment on the ot...