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23rd September 2010

On Marriage Failures and Divorce - When to Draw the Line

In the US many people get married but nearly half of the population of married couples ends up divorcing. For states like New Jersey, every divorce lawyer NJ finds this rather usual. When marriages fail, both the husband and wife hold the responsibility o...

23rd September 2010

The Effects of Divorce

When married couples divorce, there are effects and consequences that can affect not only the parties involved but their community and people around them as well. Divorce causes a lot of stress but this is also the main reason why people separate. Couples...

23rd September 2010

Different Types of Divorce

Divorce is the termination of marriage, ending its sanctity and disregarding the responsibilities of both parties upon marriage. In the US, nearly half of the population of married couples divorce every year. Divorce in New Jersey and the rest of the nati...

23rd September 2010

Legal Issues on Divorcing

Divorcing does not simply mean that two people are separated physically and that they are free from liabilities they had during marriage. Divorce is a legal matter. Divorce does not only include signing of documents. The process in divorce differs dependi...