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15th February 2011

Money from Graphic Design

A brolly in one hand and an attach case in another, a male silhouette facing backwards can be seen in the print, he is wearing a trench coat and a bowler hat. The first thing that comes to mind here is mystery. As a way of showing itself to the world, a n...

21st December 2010

How to Paint Dogs

What you have here is graffiti. Is it ruffiti? Using construction site fences or buildings as his canvasses, one artist paints his dogs for all of Manhattan to see. These portraits of his dogs have been able to generate reactions from dog lovers and those...

22nd November 2010

Rewards From Brassing

Many rewards can be gained from the art of brassing which is the hobby pursued by one couple who mentions ho the process is not as easy as people might think. Should you wonder what brassing is you should ask them nicely to know about it. To understand wh...

05th October 2010

Paint an Animal Lover an Animal Portrait

There is a challenge to every portrait painter to please the beholder but there is also the challenge to fix a typical posture not to mention other details that capture the subject and brings it to life on the canvas even through the tiniest of brush stro...

23rd September 2010

Portrait Captures Subjects in Portrait in a Flattering Way

Now that portrait painting has reached its 20th century heyday, an American woman is experiencing wealth flowing from three different continents. According to this abstract painter, art is becoming a source of money again. There is a return to the human a...