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21st December 2010

Photo Painting

Flying masterpieces. One of the primary art movements in the 70s, photorealism can be experienced in the Kansas University Art Museum. Here is where you need to be able to distinguish pigment from celluloid. In the world of photorealism, it is importa...

22nd November 2010

Longing for a Rembrandt

Since it seemed to be a knockoff of a 17th century Rembrandt, the auction house priced the portrait at $3,100 and nothing more. For the British buyer that paid 1,500 times more than that, he surely knew what situation he put himself in. Four and a half mi...

23rd September 2010

Photo Exhibits Open Their Doors for a Painter

One man is into portraiture with a range involving subjects like alligators to parakeets to a prized black angus and this is growing to become a successful and highly specialized art business. As he says it, ""If someone wishes a portrait of a pet flea, s...