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29th October 2012

Say no to Removable Dentures and Hello to a Hassle-Free Future with Teeth Implants

Removable dentures, or false teeth, are bulky plastic teeth reconstructions that rest upon the jaw bone ridge in the mouth. They are custom fit by the Sun City dentist to provide patients with replacement teeth that look and function like a complete set o...

25th October 2012

A Detailed Definition of Dental Implants in Arizona

Your pearly whites are by no means invulnerable. They can get knocked out accidently or sustain irreparable damage and/or decay for any of a number of reasons, necessitating dental implants in Arizona. While we tend to take our teeth for granted, especial...

22nd October 2012

The Sun City Dentist Reveals Nine Shocking Facts About Dentures, PART 2

Dentures in Arizona have long been the teeth replacement technology of choice. But since the design and perfection of sophisticated dental implant protocols for fixed oral rehabilitation, patients no longer have to consign their life to the challenges, di...

04th October 2012

8 Interesting Things You Never Knew About Dental Implants, PART 2

Welcome back to our two-part article series on dental implants and some of the fascinating facts that makes this technology so impressive! We’ve already looked at the first four facts and to briefly recap, they were: Humans have been using dental implant...