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17th November 2010

Guidelines for Buying, Framing, and Putting Up Works of Art in Your House

A blank wall can be one of the most exhilarating or intimidating things in the world. The sheer quantity of possibilities that it presents can easily become overwhelming, taunting you from afar. If you make an improper choice and assault it with a hammer,...

07th October 2010

The Frame Defines the Artwork

An expensive art work is what an inexpensive print or poster could become if you are able to select for it just the right framing selections. When you select mat color make sure that they enhance your art. Considering that you want the mat to pick up a co...

27th September 2010

Creating a Painting of a Pet's Personality

A graphic artist feels little faces watching her whenever she works at home. A big chunk of her time is used for creating print ads, handling form designs, and other stuff that seem lifeless. There are dogs and cats looking at her from outside. Becaus...

22nd September 2010

A Decorator's Guide To Buying Art

Have you looked at your walls lately, or at your windows? Without paintings, a room is bleak and depressing. You are not alone if you have always wanted to purchase original artworks for your home , but thought that this kind of investment would surely be...