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21st September 2011

How to Create a Logo Design from Start till the End!

The process of designing a new logo design for a company isnít as easy as some people think. It entails a comprehensive and elaborative procedure of analyzing, developing and implementing a corporate identity. Some misconceive logo designing with art draw...

08th June 2011

New Logo Design Trends for 2011

Each passing year, numerous fresh companies come into existence with new logo designs. Nonetheless, small businesses must be watchful when they get a logo design. This is because peopleís taste and preferences change every now and then. Hence logo design ...

07th June 2011

Features of a Successful Logo Design Portfolio

When you are becoming a logo designer, the first thing you need is to portray yourself in the marketplace. But how do logo designers how-off their talent to the community? The best way is to create a logo design portfolio that will display your creations ...

31st January 2011

Common Symbols in Logo Design

A logo design is intended to be distinctive and different. Without this, the logo is ineffective. When we use common and old symbols in designing logos, there is little unique about it. Some logo designers believe in following trends but the trouble is th...

24th November 2010

Features of Successful Logo Designs

A logo design is an integral part of your brand. But not every logo has the power to create a successful brand Identity. This is because logos need to have certain qualities in order to be effective. They must be able to communicate the core essence of yo...

19th November 2010

The impact of appealing logo designs

A logo design is the foundation stone of a successful brand. Persistently, a logo is disregarded by small companies and organizations as a minor part of the system. In reality they overlook the most vital aspect in constructing a sturdy and solid busine...

05th November 2010

Importance of a Logo Design

A logo design is like a visual representation of your business. It demonstrates exactly what your company stands for and portrays the business mission and vision in a nutshell. Corporate logos are usually illustrated in your advertisements, business car...