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03rd September 2010

Professional Videography

Why would you settle for still photos of your big day when you can have a professional video made? The simple answer is that you wouldnít, not with Dreamlife videography available to document your wedding in full HD video. Here at dreamlife photos an...

02nd September 2010

Know More About Photography

The great thing about digital cameras is that they have made photography so much quicker, easier and cheaper. Now days everyone has got the tools to take amazing photos, so all it takes is a little knowledge and a bit of practice and you can be taking sho...

02nd September 2010

Professional Photography

At dreamlife photography our aim is to provide you with the perfect photo, every time, because we understand that you canít take a second shot at life, and you often canít take a second shot at the perfect moment. At Dreamlife photos & video we pride o...

02nd September 2010

Photos and Video for Professionals

Now days, with photographic and video gear becoming relatively cheap, there are a lot of new companies offering their services as wedding photographers, but you need to be wary of many of these businesses as they are in it for the money and have little ex...