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About Me: I became a game enthusiast when my parents first gave me a cell phone with the classic snake game. Ever since I have been a close follower of the evolution of games in cellphones. Now I have unlimited options with the applications that are coming out for iPhone and other brands. As I started a family I took a particular interest in using different applications that make life easier, not only games. I enjoy looking up recipes with my daughter and doing her banking through my iPhone.


11th November 2010

How CVS Uses iPhone Apps

While many users of iPhones and subsequent apps seem to use them mainly for platform games, music or some other leisure activity, CVS Pharmacy is proving that these apps have the ability to perform important tasks as well. The introduction of their new mo...

10th November 2010

New Age of the Smartphone?

When the very first iFund was announced to help invest in startups creating Apps back at the start of 2008, the business world hardly blinked. While the iPhone and iPod Touch made strong debuts in terms of numbers sold, the Apps Store itself was, as yet,...

26th October 2010

How to be successful with iPhone Apps

Since Apple launched the iPhone a lot of people have become very rich by designing iPhone applications. Whether it is iPhone games or iPhone apps does not matter. If it goes viral, financial gain has the opportunity to take off beyond the wildest dreams o...

25th October 2010

Useful iPhone Apps today

As the iPhone and other smart phones continue to grow in popularity as the years go on, there are an increasing number of applications that are developed and released. This article attempts to illustrate the most useful applications around at the moment....

02nd October 2010

IPhone and IPhone App Reviews in the News

With so many iPhone games out there today and iPhone apps as well, it is surprising that anyone gets any work done at all. If you are one of those many thousands that owns an IPhone then you are sure to want to keep up to date with the latest reviews. The...