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11th February 2011

tax levy

The tax levy is the final and harshest collection mechanism of the IRS. The reason why it is so harsh is so it will scare people into paying their taxes before a levy goes into effect. The IRS will send out a final notice of intent to levy 30 days before ...

01st February 2011

SIP allows VoIP technology

A Simtex SIP trunk is the perfect fit for a business wishing to make the most of their existing IP or hybrid PBX. Our SIP trunks offer ISDN equivalent functionality and reliability at sensible prices. Should you need additional capacity we can deliver it ...

17th December 2010

SMS Broadcast System

SMS Broadcast System presents by itself a complete and full bulk of Free SMS marketing solutions, which also includes Free SMS modem and SMS software. You just need to place any SIM card in special hardware and start your SMS campaign or SMS blasting. Als...

20th October 2010

Information about Science News is to provide a bridge between scientists and the public. disseminates scientific information, and strives to become a platform to discuss developments in science and benefits of the pursuit of science to society. There are million...

17th September 2010

Personalized Letters from Santa

Letters from santa is a time honored tradition that will continue to carry on generation after generation for many more generations to come. From taking pictures on Santa’s lap and whispering into his ear what they want for Christmas; to sitting down eac...

17th September 2010

Make Nose Smaller

You can make nose smaller easily and effectively. In the follow article we are going to review a safe and effective method to make your nose smaller without surgery. The human nose is probably the most significant and distinctive trait in the human face. ...

07th September 2010

Health Food Diets

It is a known fact that a healthy diet can help reduce weight. But did you know that by eating the right kind of food, you can prevent diseases and ailments that are as severe as cancer, asthma and heart disease? Recent studies have shown that natural die...