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08th June 2011

TCL Tablet PC Designed for Kids

Tablet PCs would be a great toy for your kids to let them have fun and also learn something. But normal tablet PCs are too large and heavy for their vulnerable arms. Now, there’s a TCL tablet pcthat specially designed for children. Check it out! Most t...

09th February 2011

Why So Many People Prefer Apad over iPad?

You must be familiar with iPad, a tablet PC from Apple. But do you know Apad? What's the relationship between Apad and iPad? Actually, Apad has nothing to do with iPad. Apad is a 7 inch tablet PC with Google Android OS made in China. These China tablet PC...

02nd February 2011

Kids Cell Phone Guides: How to Keep Your Kids Safe with Smart Mobile Phones?

Different people have different opinions about whether should give kids a smart mobile phone. Cell phones become important gadgets for parents to stay connected with kids when they are hustling between basketball practice and violin lessons, or hanging ou...

31st January 2011

The Reasons for Not Choosing iPhone

IPhone is a new technology and a very cool device. It is said, the iphone even is three devices in one. It is more than just a phone. It combines a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device, even the iphone a...

25th January 2011

Kids Cell Phone Guides - Brief Introduction to Parental Controls by Famous Cell Phone Carriers

Cell phones now become common gadgets for our kids now. Once a kid goes to school, his/her parents might buy cell phone for the sake of communication and emergency. However, there are so many unwanted content on the phone that makes kids feel powerless to...

19th January 2011

Cell Phone Suppliers in Shenzhen, China Focus Their Attention on Developing Kids Cell Phone

As China's New Year Festival is approaching, mobile phone suppliers in Shenzhen, China focus their attention on developing kids cell phones market. Besides coming with Cartoon feature in their appearance, such kind of China cell phones (http://www.pickegg...

23rd November 2010

How Hard to Crack Smart Phone Market

Cell phone's development is astonishing. The advent of smart cell phones has refined the definition of phone. The mobile gadgets on our hand is more than phones, MP3/4, text messaging tools, and cameras, they have more advanced computing ability and conne...

19th October 2010

What Is Dual Card Cell Phones and Why We Need?

You may always find or have a requirement of have a cell phone with at least two phone numbers. If you follow the Chinese mobile phone’s development recently, you may find there are more and more people take part in using Dual Card Cell Phones. Major m...

16th September 2010

How to save money on communication when travel to Italy

Italy is a romantic place. This beautiful country as a tourist island, is one of the most popular places in the world wide. Cultural heritage that stand each place of Italy, which you will see at your every visit. You also encountered show of the great...

09th September 2010

What the features of smart phone in future

It is obviously that we integrate with our personal technologies more than ever before, now we can say it is all to a whole new level for our Smart Cell Phones technology experts are taking, you rather than use on Our smart phones without a virtual keyb...