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23rd August 2011

London’s Most Sustainable Building

In recent times, the state, climate and ultimately the CO2 emissions produced in the city of London is always a topic on the governmental agenda, with MPs and environmentalists looking for ways to cut the amount of pollution produced by the iconic UK capi...

15th August 2011

How can I reduce my bills with sustainable building solutions?

As the years go by, the amount of effort and publicity given to sustainable building solutions increases, as the government aims to make the average consumer aware of how we are polluting our environment, and the measures we can take to reduce our CO2 emi...

24th May 2011

Green with envy? Solar panel fever is spreading!

Solar Panel technology has in general always received favourable coverage in the media, and why not? Long-term savings, a cleaner environment and government help schemes are just a few of the benefits to both homeowners and the environment they live in. A...

03rd May 2011

Sustainability Grants in the UK

Every eco friendly blog or website will always make the same argument for sustainable technology, such as Solar Panels. They will say that if you are willing to invest in the environmentally friendly technology, then in the long run you will save yourself...

22nd March 2011

5 ethical practices that can help reduce your companies CO2 emissions

Solar Panels In this article we run down 5 easy exercises to implement into your business to help reduce your companies’ carbon emissions: 1. Solar Panels – Many large businesses with high net profit should look to invest in solar panels in a bid to...

02nd March 2011

7 Eco-Friendly Celebrities

It seems that every celebrity has a duty of care on their shoulders, and it is expected that they should give back to the community and contribute towards some of the world’s most pressing issues. So here is a list of celebrities who we feel deserve prais...

07th February 2011

Improvements and Innovations in Solar Panel Technology

Solar Panels 120 years ago, the first ever solar PV cell was built, made of selenium and gold. The cell was only around 1% efficient. Now solar photovoltaic panels can generate enough energy to provide heat and electricity to an entire household, and ...

31st January 2011

Top 5 Salon Treatments

In this article we look to uncover the top 5 salon treatments, then we discuss the benefits that many seek and why people are willing to pay such high prices for such a service. 1. Hair – Salon hair has become very diverse and very fashionable since th...