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03rd June 2011

The things that ipad lovers should never miss preparing

There are so many iPad fans all over the world, which is considered to be the latest type of computers' design. And there are so many reasons for you to love ipad. The first reason is its advanced wireless technology. IPad is available with two choices...

04th May 2011

Apple is luxury brand but worth buying for the high prices

Why apple's products, including apple's accessories are priced so high? Are these apple items worth buyings? Let's look at Apple's major accomplishments in the past 10 years. Apple has single-handedly revolutionized the computer, mp3 player, smartphone, d...

17th February 2011

Which Has Financial Advantage in Tablet PC Market, IBM or Microsoft?

According to financial services firm Deloitte, businesses will buy more than 10 million tablets this year. It also predicts that a surge in business adoption will push overall tablet sales to more than 50 million worldwide, thereby challenging the percept...

17th January 2011

How to Make Free Phone Calls from iPod Touch?

Well, I think thatís the question a lot of people have asked. And the huge demand has inspired some company to produce some accessories to enable iPod touch to make phone calls and send texts. For example, Yosion Technology from China has developed Apple ...