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16th August 2011

Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels of all Time

Best Romantic Novels of all time you asked? Have you read Ashita? No, when will you? This book is unlike any literature, romance or spiritual novels which are dim-a-dozen in grocery stores and Barns-&-Nobles. So many redundant stories I have read, so m...

18th May 2011

Paulo Coelhos Brida review

I was first introduced to Paulo Coelho through a friend who recommended his book Alchemist to me. I was never a reader, not even a magazine or school textbook; reading the first paragraph of Alchemist changed all of that for me. The first page grasped my ...

10th May 2011

Best Sci-fi book of 2011

I am an avid reader of science fiction books and metaphysical subjects, and every year I eagerly wait for my favorite authors to release their next book. There is something about reading a book than watching a movie, because you yourself is the director, ...

20th January 2011

The Life and Paintings of the famous American Artist Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt was born on 7th January 1830 in Germany. Later on his family migrated to New Bedford, Massachusetts in the year 1833. He had a natural flair for painting. He began, while young, with crayon works. He began oil paintings in the 1850s. Duss...

20th January 2011

The Life and Paintings of the Famous Painter Claude Monet

Oscar Claude Monet was born in 1840 in Paris. He was the pioneer of impressionist painting that became quite popular with other artistes of the world. His parents were Claude Monet Adolphe and Louise Justin Monet Aubree. His parents used to call him Oscar...