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27th July 2011

Matrix Forex card Convenience that fits in the wallet

Students studying abroad have many responsibilities they need to take care of, and cash is certainly one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of in the most appropriate manner. The reason for this is that since they are not at home, th...

27th July 2011

Matrix forex card: The perfect choice for trips; business or pleasure

Going abroad on business or pleasure is always a refreshing experience more or less, regardless of the duration of stay. However, there are few essentials that are mandatory for ensuring a smooth stay, and one of the most important ones is having monetary...

27th July 2011

Fringe Benefits by Matrix A lot more than you expected

Matrix international SIM cards, one of the world's most preferred communication partners, does not only offer great savings and fantastic network coverage. There are also a host of benefits, thanks to the widespread affiliate network across various domain...

29th May 2011

Matrix an affordable SIM card for international travel

With the growing demand for better education, students often feel the need to study abroad for ensuring a better future for themselves. Also, it is a known fact that education is expensive everywhere, and when it comes to additional costs like hostel fee,...

29th May 2011

How students studying abroad can save on expenses

Communication is certainly one of the most basic needs of any individual, irrespective of the religion, cultural upbringing, geographical location, or for that matter any factor. Everyone wants to interact with his/her family, friends and acquaintances on...

18th May 2011

Truphone International SIM card review

While travelling abroad, one often takes it for granted that the journey on the whole would lead to heavy expenses, and that is the reason why many prefer to switch off their mobile phone to avoid the international roaming charges. Others, who can't affo...

18th May 2011

Beware of international call forwarding fraud

A mobile phone has become the lifeline of every individual who owns one, simply because it provides a portable solution to communicate with the rest of the world. In the earlier days, a mobile phone only gave the option of calling and sending short messag...

09th February 2011

The power of 3G for flawless connectivity

In today's world, it goes without saying that the internet is the most preferred means of official communication, scoring way above telephones, which are a distant second. Owing the this immense increase in the demand, broadband internet came as the next ...