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09th September 2010

The Benefits of Having Both Pierced Earrings and Clip On Earrings in your Style Repertoire

Mix it up! Every woman should have a mixture of pierced earrings and clip earringsin their jewelry box. Fashion, style, comfort and longevity; these are all reasons why it makes sense to try out both styles of earrings. Giving your ears a rest, in itsel...

03rd September 2010

Can’t Wear Pierced Earrings: Don’t Fret - You can Still Look Fashionable with Clip Ons

Clip on earrings are often associated with unenthusiastic ideas such as old, dowdy and uncomfortable. However, clip on earrings have come a long way. They now come in a wide selection of fashionable, modern and trendy styles. They are more comfortable...

27th August 2010

A Brief Look Into the History of Earrings

What to do with that blank canvas between your shoulders and your ears? Earrings are the most suitable option for you to dress up this area that is basically begging for adornment. The primary function of jewelry today is fashion and style. There...

26th August 2010

Making Grandma's Vintage Earrings Wearable Today

Some women are lucky enough to have a collection of their Grandmother or even Great-Grandmother's jewelry. But since all of us don't have true vintage pieces, we can wear vintage-inspired looks that offer the same appearance as the original. In fact, yo...