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17th August 2011

Buy Fortune Cookies for Restaurants

Chinese fortune cookies are popular as a snack and dessert in all kinds of restaurants and food service outlets. Itís no wonder that these eating places look to ensure a ready supply of these delicious cookies. The best way to do so is to buy fortune cook...

30th June 2011

Where Can I Buy Fortune Cookies in Bulk?

Chinese restaurant fortune cookies are an important staple in restaurants serving Chinese cuisine. Besides being offered as dessert, you can find them by a table near the door or on a tray in a waitress station. Itís no wonder that these restaurants and t...

21st June 2011

Where to Purchase Supplies for a Restaurant

Having the right kind of utensils and supplies are essential to meet the regular food preparation and serving needs of restaurants and foodservice stations. Restaurant owners are always on the lookout for stores that offer the products they need at reason...

10th June 2011

Chinese Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Chinese restaurants have to maintain a sufficient stock of supplies so that they can meet food orders efficiently. To obtain premium quality Chinese supplies at wholesale prices, Oriental and Asian restaurants are becoming increasingly dependant on online...

02nd June 2011

Buy Quality Wholesale Chinese Restaurant Supplies

Restaurants and foodservice businesses specializing in Chinese food need a steady supply of different kinds of Oriental products. Customers visiting Chinese foodservice stations expect authenticity, and so the quality of products you use in your restauran...