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05th August 2010

Cellphones – My three aces

We, at review all the latest cell phones that have come in to the market so you can get a brief preview of the handset you are going to buy. The reviews are written after thorough testing of the phone and thus we'd recommend you to go...

05th August 2010

Go crazy with these phones

I am a complete tech crazy person and just love gizmo gadgets. As a child, cell phones were my first love amongst all machines out there and now I have grown up but cell phones still occupy a sweet spot in my heart. I launched a blog for this, it is calle...

03rd August 2010

LCD TV Reviews - Read twice before you leap

People are quite intimidated by LCD TVs simply because there is a lot of technical stuff in there. People don't know what terms like dejudder processing mean and hence they quickly lose interest in TVs. I too faced similar problems but as a complete...

30th July 2010

HDTV Reviews - What are they all about?

Writing HDTV reviews is not an easy job. In fact, if you a fan of gadgets, you must know that TVs are the murkiest because there are tons of technical terms that is bound to confuse anyone. I have been following HDTVs for a long time and it wasn't e...