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About Me: Rick Thomas has a deep understanding of marketing in a variety of forums. Mr. Thomas was a marketing specialist for CBS Radio in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Rick has worked with many different television shows and major brands for Product Integration and Sponsorship. Brands include placements for Tivo, Texas Instruments,, Midas, Dunkin’ Donuts,, and was part of the team which launched in to radio and television Product Placement and Promotions. Visit to know more about his latest endeavor.


19th October 2010

Know What Happened At Kanye Award Show

Kayne West is popularly known American singer, rapper and record producer. He got popular after his work on Jay Z album The Blueprint. He used the pitched up vocal samples for soul songs using his own drums and instruments. He has released four albums whi...

30th July 2010

View Your Favorite TV Channels Through Direct Network TV

Watching TV is one of the most preferred ways to pass the time for many people and people follow their favorite TV shows with great enthusiasm. While many people stick to cable television for their choice of TV programs and channels, direct network TV can...