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30th September 2010

Hair Transplant Timeline

A hair transplant operation occurs just a few hours within a day, but this entails a couple of months of preparation and another month for healing and recovery. Discussed below is a discussion of an average hair transplant timeline. First, give yoursel...

23rd September 2010

Using Hair Transplant Photos

The hair transplant photos are a good way to measure the changes and difference of the scalp after the transplant procedure. The cameras used to take the photos are very accurate and it can produce detailed pictures of the scalp. This is can be used to mo...

23rd September 2010

How to Effectively Use Hair Transplant Photo

The hair transplant photo demonstration is a good way to show the effectiveness of the procedure. The photos are used to show the results attained from the hair transplant surgery. This is a very effective marketing campaign used by many clinics and hospi...

23rd September 2010

Hair Transplant Expert Hair

The hair transplant Orange County is one of the best places to receive treatment due to the quality of services provided. The hair transplant methods used are very effective and reliable. That is why millions of people have been going to the facility for ...