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25th August 2010

How to dress your children with style

Believe it or not, how your children dress reflects a lot on how the parents bring up their children. If a child is seen walking around with bad clothing, then people walking by may thing that the parents are simply not paying enough attention to the chil...

20th August 2010

Why your kids want to stay in their rooms

Kids these days are more than happy when their parents tell them to go to their rooms. It is simply because they have so much activity they can do while they are in there. Gone are the days when they are sad because they were sent there. There is hardly a...

16th August 2010

Teaching your children how to type correctly

As computers and children become more common in the classrooms, it will soon become mandatory that your children know how to type in the correct manner. In the old days, this was quite a challenge, since the curriculum at school largely composed of subjec...