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15th April 2011

VOIP Dominates the Market

Communication has various forms but there is always the best one. People have different perceptions and reasons to choose one over the other. Everybody has their own requirements and there is no universal good. If one is good for another, it does not mean...

13th April 2011

No Personal Calls In Office Please

The title itself is one big difference between the personal world and the professional world. The former one is about you and your world revolving around you. The latter, distinguishing itself from the former, has more restrictions attached to it and has ...

31st March 2011

It is a Matter of Fraction of Seconds

God has made man and man has made technology. The further descendants are making good use of this technology. It is going higher and higher as the days are passing. There are new things coming up each day and everyone is excited to use. It has always been...

15th March 2011

Pitfalls of IP PBX

There are always some particular points involved to be avoided while you are purchasing something or when you are switching off from one service to another. While choosing the PBX, you must take into consideration your budgetary requirements are met and t...

07th March 2011

Top 3 Reasons to Switch Over to IP PBX

How good are you when it comes to technological updates? This article is going to judge you on that perspective. What do you know about IP PBX? For how long have you been using the traditional telephone system? This is the age when you have to maintain th...

28th February 2011

Make VoIP Your Household Term

There is no end of technology. If you have planted a seed called technology, it will grow on and on and will never die. It will have the new fruits and flowers each season and you will never grow tired of the pleasant atmosphere and pleasant surprise it w...

18th February 2011

Switch over to smart switches

This article is about your managerial skills. Management is a compulsory part of our lifestyle. If you donít manage things, all life will be nothing but a mess. Management is required in every phase of your life. Therefore, it is good to scratch your mana...

02nd February 2011

What is behind VoIP Technology

This is the back end article. It does not tell you what you need to do to make something operative. On the other hand, it talks about how the things work in the technological world. Therefore, donít expect me to entertain you. You can surely expect me to ...

31st January 2011

Battle of war between IP PBX and Proprietary Systems

Have you ever wondered why IP PBX is popular among the gentry interested in technical advancements? For something to get popular, it must possess that extra factor required to make it big in any field. To make it clear, let me say that IP PBX is a telepho...

27th January 2011

Switch Into The Details of The Switch

Everybody knows the corporate culture but very few people are aware of the back end work going on in the corporate. It is rightly said that a little knowledge is very dangerous thing. Either one must possess the full knowledge or one should not interrupt ...

20th January 2011

Make Hosted PBX Your Next Investment

Gone are the days when lots of hardware was used in the thinking machine to make it updated to the technological advancements. When the software came into the picture, there was always a worry about the updating of the software in question so that they ke...

19th January 2011

Make a Right Selection of Calling Cards

Hello everyone...Let me say a few words before I start this article. This article is not for the tech savvy persons who know it all as to what is happening in the technological world. This article is aimed at the lay man who has taken the peep into the te...

13th January 2011

Influx of mobile VoIP software

It has been a pretty long time when VoIP technology entered our lifestyle. Letís get into the flashback and find out as to what was there before the advent of such amazing technology. Of course, people did talk to each other even in those times. Even in t...

10th January 2011

The prevailing soft switches

Although most of us are using this technology by which we can make international calls, very few of us are aware of the details of this technology. Honestly, how many of us know what is VoIP and SIP? The people with It background may say yes but I am here...

07th January 2011

VoIP Technology Got Mobility

A technology like VoIP was discovered in the year 1995 when no one was thinking about such an invention. No one needed it; no one thought in those days that it will become a necessity in the coming days. VoIP is all about the transmission of signals for t...