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03rd February 2011

Stock Footage Merits of its Usage

Stock footage are ideal alternative to creating a whole new set up in film making and other production companies. They are cheaper and saves time as well. Film making business is usually a monumental endeavor today. Be it a movie, documentary, televisi...

14th January 2011

Stock Footage for Cost-Constrained Video Productions

It can be quite a challenge to shoot the entire contents for your production as it may take months to come up with a substantial amount of quality scenes. This requires not only time but also a lot of finance for the completion of the whole film. However,...

13th January 2011

Make High Quality Sports Documentaries with Stock Footage

Stock footage is a collection of video clips that are already recorded and edited, thereby eliminating the time required for capturing and editing the shots. Stock footage is commonly used for a number of productions including documentaries, movies, sport...

01st November 2010

What You Wanted To Know About Stock Footage

You need to make a short documentary but do not have enough video clippings to undertake the project. You could purchase the needed clippings from loyalty free video stock footage. To suppose is often a good way of getting into new things. So let us su...

28th September 2010

Stock Footage: A Viable Choice For Video Production

Stock footage is being used extensively these days, owing to the fact that they are a cost-effective solution for video production. Read this article to find out more about stock footage and why they are hugely popular among movie and documentary makers. ...

09th September 2010

How to Choose Best Stock Footage?

You want to make a short film but do not have enough video clippings to complete the project. You should then opt for loyalty free stock video footage. Read this article to find out how stock footage is of great help and how to choose them, in order to ge...

11th August 2010

Make Your Work Easy With Stock Footage

Are you planning to make a documentary on sports? Then why don't you use stock footage? Yes, you are right. It will really make your job easy, quick and convenient. Read the article below and get to know about stock footage. Well, a stock footage consi...

10th August 2010

Why Stock Footage Is Such A Popular Choice?

You are making a documentary on a subject really close to your heart. However, you are tied down by budgetary constraints. It now seems impossible to get those footages which would give your documentary the much needed appeal. Then, stock footages could b...

07th July 2010

Get the Real Footage Right Away!

Are you planning to make a documentary on some kind of natural disaster or war but do not have the resources and the right kind of footage for the same. Also you must be wondering how to capture those intense shots of war, because civilians are not allowe...

05th July 2010

Get new ideas for your new project from Archived media library

Stock footage is the older compilation of feature and non-feature films. Many production houses keep the old movie or video pictures in their media stores. Stock footage is quite useful in making fresh ideas and materials for new films, serials, documenta...