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29th September 2011

Terri Vaughn’s Eight Annual Take Wings Event

The "Take Wings Foundation" is an organization dedicated to helping exposed teens develop their self-esteem and life skills through proper education. On August 31, 2011, it will be hosting its eight annual black-tie benefit event at the San Francisco Mar...

26th September 2011

Centennial Olympic Park

Many Atlantans will be hard pressed to ever forget one of Atlanta’s most famous events in recent times: its hosting of the Centennial Summer Olympics back in 1996. Likewise, the place where it all happened have likewise been permanently etched into our co...

20th September 2011

Common Causes of Divorce

The euphoria one experiences during the early years of marriage eventually fades as the years go by. It is a fact of life and an inevitable reality. Some couples, however, may choose to stick with the relationship knowing that the romance is not the onl...

17th August 2011

Basic Facts about Remy Hair

Remy hair is the best kind of hair extension available in the market today. It is considered to be the high end of human hair and is used to make high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Compared to other types of hair extensions, Remy hair is the closest t...

08th June 2011


What’s so pleasurable with hitting a small ball with a very slim stick and make all possible effort to put it in a very small hole that is meters away from you? Not to mention the long walks and the dehydrating heat of the sun? Add the costly prices of th...

31st May 2011

Airnex Communications Inc. : A Review Of Services and Income Opportunities

Capitalizing on different communications solutions, Airnex Communications Inc. was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in California. The company’s global operations has a wide reach to as much as 266 global destinations with its different outlets and s...

30th May 2011

Scooters for Kids -- Scooter Safety Tips

When purchasing scooters for kids, not only should your choice depend on the child’s interest and ability to learn, you should also consider scooter safety tips. Yes, decisions over what type of scooter one is going to purchase are parents’ first concern....

30th May 2011

Scooters for Kids -- Great Exercise for Your Child on Scooters

It's not surprising if you want to have a scooter. It is a fascinating dual-purpose equipment, not only for you but also for your kids. Scooters for kids, especially the kick-off types offer great benefits; using them could be great exercise for your chil...

30th May 2011

Scooters for Kids -- Cool Transport for Children Whole Year Round

Scooters for kids are becoming an outdoor craze nowadays. For children, they are a cool form of transportation. It is human-powered and in using it, one has to have quick judgment and quick reflexes to maneuver it. It develops independence and confidence ...

23rd May 2011

Change your body shape without surgery by using a compression garment

The advantages of using Post op body shapers may seem quite farfetched at first, especially when people say that these garments could instantly change your figure into a lovelier one. Your skepticism is normal; after all, there are a lot of fake products ...

20th May 2011

An Honest Review on Bead Retreat

Accessories and jewelries complete an outfit. When you wear accessories that you’ve made yourself, it makes it more fun. When you make them yourselves you can design it with your personality and your style. So for those who likes hosting a party or a gat...

19th May 2011

Lead Lined Drywall

Radiation shielding is a discipline aimed at protecting humans and the environment from harmful effects of particle radioactivity and electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing radiation, although used in industry and medicine, is a serious health hazard. It res...

13th May 2011

Cooney’s books Cork

Books even in this digital age of the Internet and digital television remain one of the most prestigious industries to be involved in. There is no way that the written word will ever be wiped of the face of the earth in an industry that has been a huge p...

11th March 2011

Create Success & Save Cash with Online Book Publishing

Since the advent of the Internet, people have practically created a separate virtual world where everything real is converted into electronic signals that allow anyone with a computer to go anywhere and see anything through the four corners of the monitor...

07th March 2011

Promote Your Book - Promote Your Book for Profits

True, in an era where the population of dechurched and unchurched is ever increasing, publishing a book where return is above cost can be tough. And several authors, in the name of true vocation to their calling, were and still is writing books at a loss ...