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24th June 2011

Classteacher Learning Systems - Why you need a Language Lab?

Do your English communication skills and your command of the language manage to impress people? Is your English getting you better work opportunities and helping you advance your career? In the 21st century, these very questions decide the skill, know...

22nd June 2011

Classteacher Learning Systems - Digital Science Lab

In the traditional education system, scientific experiments are predicted in text books and explained in theory. Although these theories suffice for a student to pass an examination, it neither excites inquisitiveness about the phenomenon nor satisfies it...

02nd June 2011

Interactive classroom teaching by using whiteboards

Due to technology, both teaching and learning has been improved and due to this, children are able to learn new things in a simple way. Interactive whiteboards provide the ability for presentation, demonstration, and modelling, which helps children to und...

31st May 2011

Teacher training: Learning For Tomorrow

With the inevitable proliferation of technology in the classroom, the role of the teacher must evolve. It is no longer sufficient for teachers merely to impart content knowledge. It will be crucial for teachers to encourage critical thinking skills, promo...