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About Me: Co-founder of Teen-Aid, Inc. and National Director since 1981. Teen-Aid is considered one of the best, most comprehensive abstinence programs in the nation. LeAnna has many years experience as a consultant to parents and educators in implementing abstinence education. She has trained hundreds of public school teachers and counselors on how to use the Teen-Aid program.
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04th August 2010

Fear Factor or Face the Facts

Fear Factor or Face the Facts Will I let fear keep me away from discussing sexual self control with my teen? Sex is really a complexity of opinions. To think it's only a three letter word, it has caused a lot of controversies and fright among instit...

19th July 2010

What is the Right Question to Ask

Accidental Intentional Parenting Those sudden moments of learning are one of the nicest approaches on parenting. When my grandson arrived from school, he was already anticipating what will be my greeting question, "What three good things happened ...