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Occupation: Co-Founder and International Director - Teen-Aid,
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About Me: LeAnna Benn is co-founder of Teen-Aid, Inc. and National Director since 1981. Teen-Aid is considered one of the best, most comprehensive abstinence programs in the nation. LeAnna has many years experience as a consultant to parents and educators in implementing abstinence education. She has trained hundreds of public school teachers and counselors on how to use the Teen-Aid program.

The mother of six children, she was mother of the year in her home town of Spokane, WA. She has a BA in Social Sciences and Education from Whitworth College, and for two years she taught abstinence education to sex offenders who were incarcerated in the local juvenile jail. LeAnna has worked with pastors in churches and counseled with prostitutes on the street.

Mrs. Benn was a founder of National Association of Abstinence Educators, and was consultant on character education projects and several sex education books and programs including a sexuality program written for Concerned Women of America.

LeAnna directed a 5 year research project under a federal HHS grant studying the effectiveness of the Teen-Aid program in reducing sexual activity. She was a grant reader during the Bush administrations and a consultant for Title XX during the Reagan administrations.

Three time editor of the junior high family life program, Me, My World, My Future, LeAnna also directed the changes for Sexuality, Commitment and Family, a Teen-Aid high school program. She co edited the Parent Workshop with social worker, Nancy Piehl. HIV: You Can Live Without It, a 5th -12th grade AIDS education curricula which balance character and compassion with scientific information was written jointly with Alfred J. Derby, MD.

A speaker at many national and state level conventions, Mrs. Benn is always well received. She was a speaker at the 1995 United Nations Conference on the Family. LeAnna has appeared on The 700 Club and makes frequent comments on Family News in Focus and many local talk shows nationally. She has debated Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Rights Action League representatives numerous times. You will find her engaging and well informed.
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19th July 2010

Talking to Your Teen Accurately

Enlisted below are some pointers you must take into consideration if you are intending to converse to your teen about appropriate decision making and refrain from premarital sex. 1. Be true and transparent Make sure that you are free from pretention...