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03rd March 2011

Great Makeup for Adoring Eyes

I have always believed that when you have beautiful eyes, it reflects that you also have a beautiful soul. One can really tell an individual's personality just by simply looking into her eyes. Your eyes can also reflect your health status so you would kno...

28th February 2011

The Secrets of Looking Natural

If you think that it is impossible to look natural when you apply make up on your face then think again. It is possible, believe me. You only need three things. First is the right make up product or cosmetic. The second is the right tools that you use whe...

18th February 2011

Helpful Eye Makeup Tips for You

I admit that one of the most difficult parts of applying make up is putting the right one correctly on my eyes. Everyone desires to achieve that look which can captivate many people by emphasizing the eyes. And in order to do that one must practice regula...

01st February 2011

Waste Treatment for a Better World to Live In

As an environmentalist, I am concerned with everything that happens around me. People are unaware but little actions can contribute to making this planet either better or worse. Because of the advancements in modern technology, we have been blinded by the...

21st January 2011

Pink Converse Boots As A Birthday Present

It is my cousin Lisa's birthday on the 24th of this month and it took me five days to decide on what to give her. She is like my younger sister because we grew up together. We are also neighbors that are that's why we are very close to each other.. She al...

16th June 2010

Family Trusts - Why You Should Have One

A family trust is the relationship in which trustees are obligated to be responsible for a property for someone else?s benefit (beneficiaries). The beneficiaries do not receive a fixed amount from the trusts, instead it is in the trustee?s discretion and ...