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04th February 2011

Why Rock N Roll Was Seen As the Downfall of Society

“Not getting it” can occur between generations as well as people. Music (which is part of the basic desire for romance) is a good case in point. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my parents could not understand how I could like rock ’n’ roll. They thought it...

03rd February 2011


An essential module in Character Education Idealism, which is the desire for social justice or fairness, motivates students to get involved and contribute to the betterment of humankind. Its primal roots are unclear. Some say that idealism is related t...

01st February 2011


A Value that needs to be taught through Character Education Teachers or counselors should provide an overview of some of the skills necessary for children to be able to think things through before taking action to teach the value of contemplation. B...

25th January 2011

Podcasts and Podcast Directory

A Podcast is an audio broadcast saved as an MP3 file. The MP3 file can be downloaded to a computer and then to an iPod or any other type of MP3 player. There are all kinds of music-related podcasts available online already. There is always an opportunity ...

20th January 2011


Who’s got the Button? Coraline Jones is a lonely little girl. She has just moved into a creepy old house, has no real friends, and her parents are so preoccupied with their work on a gardening catalog that they have no time for her. But she soon discover...

20th January 2011

Dish Networks TV Everywhere

Illuminate this Christmas through Dish Network’s TV Everywhere For a lot of people, Christmas is not just a simple festival. It is also the occasion when they go for holidaying and enjoying life to its fullest thus bidding farewell to all the weariness...

20th January 2011

Save Hollywood

While I often wear frilly white shirts, Long brocade coats and tricorn hats, I do have strong issues with piracy. No, not the romantic, 'I want to be Johnny Depp and snog Keira Knightley’ sort of piracy, but the sort that involves illegal file sharing of ...

22nd November 2010

The 39 Steps A Synopsis

Romance on the Run Richard Hannay is alone in London. His visit to a music hall coincides with a fight in the auditorium. Outside, he encounters Annabella Smith, who invites herself to his flat. There she reveals that her mission is to stop foreign agents...

17th November 2010

Eli Roth Adam Green Sick Minds Think Alike

Horror fans everywhere are getting to know Adam Green, one of horror's newest filmmakers. Green has suddenly gained popularity with his newest movie Frozen and is slated to direct the new film Killer Pizza, a big-budget film based on the popular kid's nov...

14th July 2010

My Sarcastic Entertainment Scoop 7/8/10

Lindsay Lohan I never see this chick in anything other than the news and tabloids! At first, I didn't even know why she was famous other than the fact that she is completely notorious. She's always getting herself in trouble and her family seems just ...

13th July 2010

Is My House Haunted? Part II

You must read the original article, "Is My House Haunted?" to fully understand this article. I wrote about the strange occurrences that are currently happening in my home along with possible explanations for why they could be happening. I took a look at r...

08th July 2010

Best Dish TV Network Deal - California Local News for lottery results

Best Dish TV Network Deal - California Local News for lottery results . California residents now receive local programming free of charge .Eureka , Yuma , Chico , Bakesfield , and Sacramento CA can now check local programming and local news for lottery re...

08th July 2010

Top Movies on Dish Network this Weekend! 7/2-7/4

There are some great movies to choose from this weekend with the premium channels on Dish Network. Check out this list for 24-hour entertainment starting this Friday. If you do not have vacation plans, you can always make this weekend a movie marathon wee...

08th July 2010

Free Movies this Weekend! 7/2-7/4

Do you love movies but don't have the budget for a huge TV package? Not a problem. Check out this awesome lineup of movies showing all weekend on network TV with Dish Network! Free Movies Friday 7/2 The Girl Next Door 6:00-8:00 p.m. on LMN Divine S...

07th July 2010

The White Ribbon-Dark and Compelling Mystery

The moment I was waiting for since the winter finally came last night. I went to the video store Tuesday determined to rent The White Ribbon. I assumed I would be one of the few video store customers who knew about this rare treasure and assumed I would h...