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22nd February 2011

How to handle glass photos and animations?

In photography, one of the trickiest objects to photograph is glass. This is so because of its transparency and translucency. Transparent materials are clear and are see-through which allow light to pass through them while translucent materials also allow...

14th February 2011

How to handle very small objects photos and animations?

Macro photography is the photography of very small objects. It is also referred to as close-up photography. However, taking close-up photos does not automatically mean that it is macro photography. For example taking the close-up photo of a personís face ...

18th October 2010

Communication for marketers

In a communication model, there is the sender of a message and the message receiver. A medium of communication carries a message from the sender to the receiver. There may however, be interference (noise) in the communication medium used. The receiver the...