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14th May 2012

Business Phone System and Its Functional Service

A business phone system may be described as a multiline telephone system used by business houses. The system ranges from a small key system to a huge PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Technically speaking, PBX is a derivative of the central office telephone ...

27th April 2012

Residential VoIP Phone Service for the Consumer

Voice over Internet Protocol - especially residential VoIP - has remarkably changed the way home owners communicate. VoIP is an innovative technology that makes it possible to communicate over the internet by transmitting voice in the form of data packets...

20th March 2012

Unlimited Call Forwarding Plans

Call forwarding, simply stated, allow the user to divert incoming calls from one phone to another phone. This service is helpful for a person who is in another location away from the main phone line. This feature also serves as a way to stay in touch w...

20th June 2011

How Can You Receive Direct Calls to Multiple Phones?

Receiving an incoming call on multiple phones may not, at the face of it, appear to be a useful feature to many business houses. But, strangely there are some people who favor this facility and want to have multiple phones ring on one incoming call. The a...

13th June 2011

Internet Phone Service Can Make Money

Internet is a veritable boon particularly for businesses that heavily rely on telephone communication for its operations. The technology is well developed that today you can use your Internet connection to make cheap telephone calls to any part of the wor...

29th May 2011

The Evolution of the 800 Numbers

During the initial stages, 800 numbers or toll free numbers were considered as luxury contact numbers that only multi-million dollar businesses and multinational companies could afford. For small and midsize businesses 800 numbers were a dream facility as...

29th May 2011

Getting a Cheap Toll Free Number

It is a fact that more and more business enterprises are beginning to appreciate the worth of a toll free number and how it can serve as an effective marketing weapon to broaden the customer base and boost sales. As a result, the clamor for a cheap toll f...

29th May 2011

Internet Fax: Stay in Touch From Anywhere

Technology has endowed us with so many different options for communicating with one another. From cell phones to the internet, there are several ways businesses can keep in touch with customers, associates and employees. Faxing is today done using the int...

29th May 2011

How to Choose a Voicemail Service

Internet voicemail service is steadily growing in popularity because of some extraordinary advantages it offers to business enterprises and frequent travelers. Using voicemail service, you can keep in touch with your customers, business associates and ...

26th May 2011

800 Numbers - The Power of Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Business enterprises have come to recognize the imperative need to own a toll free number (800, 888, 877 and 866) to build more effective customer relationship. As the customers do not pay any charges when making a call, they will be motivated to call mor...

24th May 2011

Unlimited Call Forwarding Services

Call forwarding is a remarkably useful telephone feature that enables an incoming call to be redirected to another telephone or mobile phone where the called party may be available. The advantage is no incoming calls will be missed and the caller will als...

23rd May 2011

The Significance of VoIP Phone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, also known as broadband phone service or Internet phone service, is the latest technology that makes possible the use of Internet for telephone communications. As only a small part of the available Interne...

19th May 2011

How to Choose a Virtual PBX Service?

Succinctly stated, a virtual PBX service may be described as a business phone system which is hosted by a PBX service provider to his subscribers and usually includes 1-800 phone numbers. Virtual PBX service providers will offer 866, 877, and 888 toll-fre...

11th May 2011

Selecting the Best Online Fax Services

As is now known to many, Internet fax service converts the traditional facsimile transmission into a digital format - thus enabling internet fax users to send/ receive faxes via email. Online fax service is a more efficient and cheaper alternative compare...

10th May 2011

VoIP Phone System with Voicemail Service

The voicemail feature has received a major thrust after the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system and the development of IP telephony applications. Today, business communication facilities have gone far beyond the old analog phones with ...