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12th May 2011

New Apple iPod Nano 2011

The iPod Nano has undergone a radical transformation for its sixth generation. Everything has changed: the Nano has lost its scrollwheel, camera and video playback - and become a touchscreen iPod Shuffle, right down to the alluring range of colours and bu...

09th May 2011

Using To Create The Perfect Tan

Having a delightful tan always makes you feel good about yourself, and for good reason, no one looks healthier than when they have a nice tan all over their body. However, it is not always possible to find the time or the weather to obtain a lovely tan al...

04th April 2011

Nashville Events and Adventures Review

Nashville Are you living single in the country music capital of the world - Nashville, Tennessee? Do you stay home nights simply because you lack a close friend or companion to accompany you on outings and new adventures? You are in luck, now there is ...

10th March 2011

Events and Adventures Review - Houston

In Houston's Events and Adventures club the month of February began with the Super Bowl party and it just kept getting better and better week after week. For example, a group of Houston singles enjoyed the music of Elton John and a performance of Billy El...

07th March 2011

Photo Restoration - Worth Every Penny Spent

Digital photo restoration is a digital image editing technique that removes visible damage and ageing effects from old photographs. Why Do We Need To Restore Old Photographs? The answer is obvious. Old photographs are a treasure that was captured i...

10th February 2011

Use Sunless Tanning Lotion For A Golden Glow

You can achieve a beautifully tanned look with sunless tanning lotion from leading brands. Bronzed golden tans are appreciated by majority of people and you don't have to get yourself baked in the sun any longer. Sunless tanning is the way to go and defin...