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24th February 2011

The best way Addictive is usually Wow

Wow features countless prescriptions being a activity, the other involving their nearly all well-known features is usually the best way addictive it truly is. The single most thrilling adventures all around : it comes with an factor in which merely holds ...

25th January 2011

Warcraft: Patch 4. 0. A SINGLE

The long-awaited patch SEVERAL. 0. 1 is coming upon live servers for Warcraft: this is the last update prior to full-bodied rialscio Cataclysm, which will introduce many important changes concerning most aspects of the video game. As announced, this shal...

15th December 2010

Doors Exam Imagination XIV give subject for all

Squared Enix declared that this week completed the gear point of squinting beta investigating MMORPG Examination Vision XIV. What does this connect? What famous soon the content instrument unobstructed its doors to all comers. The representatives of Ro...

09th December 2010

FFXIV Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy XIV could possibly be the most current MMORPG build by rectangular Enix. It is dependent for the extremely properly obtained as well as well-known last Fantasy business with one another with enormous quantities of gamers and followers. last ...

03rd November 2010

Eve Online Character Creation

Eve Online is unique in most massively multiplayer games that its character creation is tied for the selection of skills and character development based on the number of real-time nature is left in the game, as in World of Warcraft or City of Heroes. Thi...

22nd September 2010

The relationship between Eve and the Dust 514

Last week's announcement is not the occasion gave away much of the CCP, the EVE universe, occupying a new console, the buy-FPS, 514 from the Dust. Since then, if not anything else, but the game raised more interesting questions have been answered. As I...

08th September 2010

FFXIV: a max details

Properly informed, the Japanese magazine Famitsu reveals in its latest edition of the year, some additional information about Final Fantasy XIV, the next MMORPG from Square Enix scheduled for 2010 (worldwide release) PlayStation 3 and PC. Based on a world...