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22nd March 2011

Caller ID Spoofing 101

Most of us are clueless on what caller ID spoofing is all about. In simple terms, caller ID spoofing means that you can change any number that appears on a caller ID . This allows you to conceal your real phone number by making it anonymous to the other l...

13th January 2011

Call Spoofing for Free

How about making an anonymous prank call with your friends just for fun? You can try it for free. Spoofrod is a site that allows you to place a phone call from your phone, but with a facility to reveal a unique number on the person's caller ID. You can...

11th December 2010

Sourcing Out Spoofcard Promotional Coupons

Maybe youíve wondered about how to change your number so that the other person canít recognize you on caller ID, which is where the number would appear. You can do this without breaking any laws. Doing this is easier now than ever. All you have to rememb...

08th December 2010

Do you need a Spoof Card?

Do you ever want to call someone without your name coming up on their caller ID? Many of the newer phones come with a feature to keep calls from a blocked id from going through which defeats the purpose of the services that allow a person to block his pho...