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14th October 2011

The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

It is every girls dream to experience or wear different eye colour. Development of Science has come a long way in finding solutions to answer for this dream. Tinted contacts now come with more affordable prices and a variety of colors to choose from. It i...

15th July 2010

Twilight Contacts and The Sparkly Vampires

I am so happy that Twilight saga- Eclipse is coming soon! I have enjoyed reading the books, which is partly portrayed in the movie. Millions have adored the movie portrayal of the book despite the differences; after all, a good movie shouldn't be a repli...

08th July 2010

Get Freaky with Colored Contacts

Contact lenses were invented to cure specific type of eye disorders. It was never intended that contact lenses will be used as an alternative to glasses. Now contact lenses have evolved in a long stride and had been part of the lives of millions of people...