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21st October 2010

Gas Recovery

Since humans have been on the earth, recycling has been in practice to some extent. Resources, whether plentiful or scarce, can be reused and fitted to another purpose. While there are archaeologists who state that the recycling was practiced as far ...

13th October 2010

Giving Back to the Environment

120 years ago or so, the industrial revolution was taking off. All sorts of machines were being invented, powered by coal, electricity, gas, you name it. People were being blessed with greater ease in manufacturing, more readily available necessities, sa...

16th July 2010

The Ways Landfills Can Provide Energy

Most people think of landfills as stinking mounds of rotting garbage. They are typically thought of as necessary evils. While it is true that recycling and reducing waste is important to the future of our planet, the evils of landfills can be mitigated ...

07th July 2010

Landfill Gas Recovery and Policy Issues

Landfill gas recovery has great promise for keeping methane out of the atmosphere where it can contribute to global warming. Landfill gas is also a possible green source of energy and a potential replacement for fossil fuels. However, at the same time, ...