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03rd November 2010

Mark Zonder Discusses His Recording Studio

Some folks—including a number of pro drummers—need a little distance between their work life and their home life. But for prog metal master Mark Zonder, the gap is nonexistent, as his workspace is housed right in his home’s two-car garage. This isn’t any...

15th September 2010

San Diego Facials, Beautify and Renew Your Skin with a Facial

The skin on anyone's face takes a beating every day. Makeup applications and wear, wind, sunlight, dust, dirt… all of these things add up to damage to facial skin that can be unsightly and difficult to manage with home care products. Fortunately, there...

18th August 2010

San Diego Day Spa Offers Summer Specials To Beautify and Relax

Everyone seems to look forward to summer with a high level of preparation – working out, eating better and making use of the availability of Del Mar spa services are just some of the steps people take to make sure they look their best for summer. While t...

18th August 2010

Carlsbad Family Law Attorney – Experience Matters in Divorce Cases

When someone faces the prospect of ending his or her marriage, that person is likely already dealing with difficulties in several ways. No one who is ready to file for a divorce is in a positive place emotionally, and the risks of taking this step withou...

03rd August 2010

Photofacial Treatments: San Diego Spa Treatments & Facials

When it comes to an overall look, it all starts with the face. People tend to look at someone's face before anything else, and when a person features smooth, lush and supple skin, it tends to affect how people view the rest of the person's appearance. W...

12th July 2010

When Just in Case happens

This is the story of my medical emergency while traveling in China. On a recent business trip, I found myself in an emergency medical situation. I started out with a minor backache early in the day. This later became a full blown kidney stone attack in th...

19th May 2010

Laser Hair Removal San Diego: Look Your Best for Summer

Summer is coming soon, and everyone who spends time outdoors during this time of year is starting to think about improving their look for all of those days on the beach, barbecues, picnics and other activities under the sun. One of the thoughts that many...