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12th July 2010

What Makes A Classic Martial Arts Film

The Kung fu movie genre is just about the biggest film genres in recent history. The far east, specifically Hong Kong have led the way and have continued to be the leaders for making the best martial arts films. Thus just what exactly makes a classic kung...

08th July 2010

Get A Two-way Baby Monitor Right Now

A newly born baby monitor is actually a gadget employed by mothers and fathers to check-up on their newborn even when they are not within the very same room. It is extremely useful; especially for mothers and fathers who cannot stay by their infant's side...

14th June 2010

Bean Bags For Kids - Every Child Should Have One

If you have kids yourself I'm sure you already know how difficult it can be to get them to sit still. If your kids are anything like mine you probably find it a never ending task, keeping them sat in one place. Well, in my house that's all changed now t...