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22nd September 2011

Sweet Sixteen Party Overview

A sweet sixteen party is an important occasion for young girls. The event is a celebration of a child maturing into adulthood. Any coming-of-age affair should be planned carefully, and there are certain factors to consider in order to make it a happy, mem...

24th August 2011

Fighting Global Warming - The Simple Things You Can Do To Make A Major Impact

While global warming has grabbed the public's attention, many people are not sure what, if any, impact they can have on such a global problem. With environmental problems, every little change done by an individual has an impact and many small changes will...

28th June 2011

How Protecting The Environment Also Helps Your Organization Succeed

Staying focused on your area of expertise is what allows your organization to succeed. Using accurate cost accounting, effective advertising, controlling expenditures, employing good management practices, and hiring skilled employees are all necessary com...

26th May 2011

What to Expect With a Forehead And Brow Lift

Large, open eyes, with well-defined folds and a flawless complexion, are the definition of youthful and aesthetically appealing eyes. The shape and position of the eyebrows and forehead are an essential signal to the environment with which emotions can be...

18th May 2011

Common Causes of Infertility in Women

Infertility is medically recognized as a problem when couples are unable to conceive a child after trying for one year without success. Unfortunately, about fifteen percent of all couples will experience this problem with many being diagnosed with some fo...

12th May 2011

The Four-Point Plan For Setting Up a Recycling Program In Your School

School waste programs have the potential to create a huge impact on local environments while teaching students stewardship of their community and environment. Getting started requires a solid plan and forethought in order to be approved by administration....

10th May 2011

Helping Children Understand Adoption

Bringing a new family member home is always an exciting and stressful experience, but with some calculated steps and precautions, the tension can be greatly reduced. When parents are adopting, their current child or children may have questions, fears, or ...

10th May 2011

The Compostable Card: Eco-Friendly Benefits

Compostable cards are making their way into the wallets and purses of Americans. It’s a good thing for the businesses that provide them, the consumers who use them, and the environment to which they return. Tucked into the average American’s wallet or...

06th May 2011

How Hospital Clocks Are Saving The Healthcare Industry

As politicians argue over trillions of dollars in healthcare reform, simple hospital clocks are providing real savings to the healthcare industry today. This new generation of synchronized clocks that tie into the hospital's computer network is cutting co...

20th April 2011

Three Elements that Make the Textbook Essential

If today’s university scholars met their ancestors, they’d need a translator. Little more than a generation ago, students still hand-wrote papers. Few owned word processors, much less personal computers, and the laptop was a thing of science fiction. If r...

20th April 2011

How Small Businesses Maximize Their Workforce With Telecommunications

It is imperative for small businesses to make the most of their workforce whenever possible. Employees fulfill multiple roles, managers dive headfirst into projects alongside their colleagues, and owners seek to maximize efficiency while keeping costs res...

12th April 2011

Saving Money for College: 10 Ways to Live Frugally

Living frugally while in college is almost a rite of passage in these tough economic times. The student usually has little money to live on while taking classes. Most of the money is spent on college tuition, room and board and books. Some students find i...

06th April 2011

The 011 On International Calling Cards

Relatives bound for far away places? Friends are deciding to live overseas? There goes the telephone bill budget. But that does not have to be the case. To ensure those bills do not rise astronomically calling family, friends or even while traveling abroa...

06th April 2011

Choosing the Right Prepaid Calling Card

A pre-paid phone card is an item that individuals can purchase from telephone companies, distributors and retailers to make both local and international phone calls. The perks of using this type of calling card services are the fact that the customers con...

30th March 2011

How Are Scars Treated?

After an area of skin is injured, it takes time for it to heal. The body begins by creating a scab to close the wound. The scab will eventually fall off and leave beneath it a new layer. It will not be the same color as the rest of the body’s skin, but it...