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28th April 2010

Your Newborn: An Adventure

You've just had one of the most amazing, exciting, and overwhelming experiences of your life: you've had a baby. A newborn infant brings an abundance of joy into your home and your life, but also brings with it lack of sleep, constant cleaning, feelings ...

27th April 2010

Tiny Tears

There are very few noises on earth that can shatter the nerves of new parents than a crying newborn—especially of brand-new parents. The problem is this: simply, crying newborns are part of the package deal, some of the worst parents must endure in ord...

27th April 2010

Baby Shaker: Attractive and colorful toys

Parents are always lovable and appreciative of their newborns because they can bring joy to their lives. This joy causes parents to give in and spoil their kids. Nothing makes you feel better when you can watch your newborn laugh away with the new toy you...