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27th August 2010

UK Councils to Get Green Energy

In a bid to become the greenest government ever, the Coalition has recently devised a plan to allow public buildings to make a profit producing and selling back energy generated by green technologies. Wind turbines, solar panels, and even wave and tidal t...

04th August 2010

Committee on Climate Change Asks Government for More Green Investment

According to a recent report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), if the government does not continue to support efforts in creating and improving technology that will deliver renewable electricity, electric cars, and efficient homes then they risk...

04th August 2010

2009 Represents a Boom Time for Renewables

2009 was a year of contradictions. The threat of further financial woes combined with low oil prices and other problematic economic and geopolitical situations happened alongside a very positive development. Renewable energy sources grew by leaps and boun...

30th July 2010

Big Solar Energy Expansion Planned for Egypt

World countries are making slow but steady progress in building energy saving technology in an attempt to reduce the environmental footprint. The massive energy suppliers include biomass systems, hydroelectric plants, solar powered plants and wind farms. ...